Community Studies

This course is divided into 2 parts; a study on healing the wounds of trauma and a study on community development.  Each part has a manual, divided into lessons and this study guide will guide you through these. 

Course outcomes 

A. For Healing the wounds of Trauma:

  • Describe the questions about God that come when there is great suffering.
  • Recognize that wounds of the heart need to be cared for as are physical wounds.
  • Explain the process of grief.
  • Describe various types of trauma and loss.
  • Explain how to help people experience God’s healing of their pain.
  • Demonstrate a recognition of the need for forgiveness and repentance in the healing process.
  • Demonstrate understanding of how we can live as Christians in the midst of ethnic tension.
  • Use the Scriptures in the above contexts.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a Biblical view of the theology of suffering.

B. For Shalom: A Manual for Christian Workers

  • Explain how sin affects people in all contexts and why it is better to fight the spiritual battle as a united group rather than as an individual
  • Describe the biblical support for Christians working together to address practical life issues.
  • Demonstrate a  commitment  to  allowing  the  Holy  Spirit  to  speak  through Scripture to identify areas in which one needs to change, even if this makes us uncomfortable.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to work with one’s community on these issues.