Literacy 1

Course Goal:

Participants will be introduced to pertinent aspects of literacy work in local languages.  They will gain knowledge and practical experience in how to work effectively in a mother tongue literacy programme. 

Specific objectives:

Upon completion of the course, students will:

  • explain the international context for literacy in minority languages;
  • list the foundational principles of literacy programs and adapt them to a specific context;
  • list and describe current literacy methods and apply two of them in greater depth to a given context;
  • explain the important elements of teacher and writer training ;
  • describe the steps in literature production and produce an easy reading booklet.

Course Plan

  • Intro to literacy in local languages
  • The context of literacy
  • Planning
  • Evaluation (of learners, teachers, materials, programmes)
  • Theories and methods of teaching and learning
  • Pedagogy – curriculum etc
  • Pre- and post-literacy
  • Materials development
  • MLE
  • Management and finance
  • Orthography
  • Teacher training
  • General