Literacy 2

Prerequisite: Literacy 1


This course is offered to those already working in a mother tongue literacy project who have taken iDELTA course set I.

The course participants will take part in a series of “practical workshops” which will address subjects relevant to their programs, such as: materials production, how to plan for and lead a local workshops and assessment of capacity for seeking funding.

Participants should come with a completed materials topics preference survey of 40 mother tongue speakers from three villages. During the course, students will complete a portfolio of documents for program management, materials development and workshop development.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. explain alternative strategies for designing and managing a literacy program
  2. design teacher training procedures for adult literacy programs
  3. develop materials for literacy programs
  4. organize and direct a writers’ workshop
  5. explain the need for post-literacy materials and how to develop these
  6. evaluate the need for external funding in a literacy program
  7. do detailed costing for a literacy project

Course Plan

  • Research data collation and one-day writers’ workshop
  • Research data collation and one-day writers’ workshop
  • Publications guidelines, materials development
  • Bloom
  • Materials development
  • Workshops and training events  (planning, costing, content…);  writers’ workshops
  • Teacher training workshops, in-service training
  • Funding issues
  • Evaluation, presentations, cross-fertilization among participants