Mother tongue based Multilingual Education (MLE)


This course is designed as an introduction to the concepts and practice of mother tongue-based multilingual education (MT-based MLE). Participants are expected to have completed iDELTA Literacy I and Literacy II courses and to be enrolled in the Orthography course.

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Give a short presentation advocating for MLE in the contexts in which they work.
  • Understand the theories of bilingualism, language acquisition and cognition as they apply to MLE programs.
  • Summarize the aspects of curriculum development, materials development and teacher training as they apply to an MLE program in their context.
  • Explain the concept of a “good bridge” from mother tongue to another language.
  • Prepare a first draft of a comprehensive program plan for the timing and coordination of the elements necessary to implement an MLE program.

Course Plan:

  • Advocacy and Language policy
  • Learning theories
  • Curriculum development
  • Materials development
  • L1 learning and bridge to L2
  • Teacher training
  • Programme planning
  • Monitoring and evaluation