Translating the Bible into Action (TBIA)

1. Course introduction

This course has the assumption that where there are Scriptures in a language that people understand, it is not obvious that people use the Scriptures either correctly or as they should. There are barriers that hinder people from using the Scriptures in a manner that brings transformation.

The course will examine the role of language in Bible use and introduce the participants to wide range practical activities and interventions that can be done to make Scripture come a live in the life of a community or individual.

2. Course content

Upon completing the course, the participant will be able to,

  • Explain what Scripture Engagement is
  • Describe and identify barriers to Scripture Engagement within their community.
  • Know the theological foundations for languages and culture in God’s plan, and the role of mother tongue use in church growth
  • How to help multilingual and multi ethnic churches use scriptures appropriately.
  • Helping those who peach and interpret prepare and present sermons well.
  • Demonstrate how to help people see how the Bible is relevant n daily life.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of helping other people share their faith using Scripture with people of different faiths and experiences.
  • Assist people using their different gifts to share Scriptures
  • Demonstrate the role of literacy in helping people use scriptures
  • How to research their own condition and come up with a plan to implement an effective SE program.

3. Outcomes

Upon completion of the course,the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a knowledge of:
    1. The major barriers to scripture engagement in their communities.
    1. How to work with church leaders and other community leaders to promote Scripture use within their context
    1. How to carry out basic research to understand issues in their community.
    1. How to use a variety of peoples gifts to promote scriptures in mother tongue.
    1. How to reach different kinds of people who need to engage with Scriptures.
  2. Explain:
    1. The changing context within which people have to use Scripture in.
    1. How to relate the Scriptures with cultural issues that different groups of people experience.
  3. Demonstrate a conviction of the need for access to and use of the Bible in order for a church to grow.