Translation Project

Prerequisites: Bible Translation Basics 2, Exegesis for Translators

This course is an extended practicum in Bible translation. It is intended to provide each student with an opportunity to carry out translation work under guidance. This course calls upon skills learned in other exegetical and translation courses to produce an accurate, clear, natural and appropriate draft translation.

The translation project is a tutor-guided course which requires the student to work independently on exegesis and drafting, facilitated by the tutor. The tutor will set passages to be translated from different New or Old Testament genre. 

Learning Objectives:

Building on the translation and exegesis courses that have already been taught, students will be able to demonstrate:

  1. an ability to do good exegetical groundwork as a prerequisite for Bible translation.
  2. a recognition of cultural problems in translation.
  3. an ability to translate according to the grammatical and discourse structure of the receptor language.
  4. the application of particular translation strategies to a passage to produce a translation that is appropriate for the audience or translation product chosen.
  5. an ability to produce draft materials in a form suitable for consultant checking.
  6. the effective use of exegetical and translation resource materials including appropriate software