Welcome to iDELTA

iDELTA is the Institute for the Development of Languages and Translation in Africa. We offer high-quality, BA-level training to students engaged in language development work across Africa. The anglophone program is taught in English and is based in Uganda.

Students choose from one of five tracks of interactive and practical training that they can apply directly to their work:

Each student follows one of these tracks through three 8-week sessions of courses spread across three years.

CONGRATULATIONS to Phodunze Martin from South Sudan (Cohort 2). He has graduated from Africa International University with a Bachelor of Education! His coursework was completed online.

Academic Course 2

Our next 8-week session of courses, AC2, is currently scheduled for June and July 2022 in Entebbe, Uganda. Exact dates to be announced. The application deadline is April 30, 2022.

Returning students: check back for the registration form for AC2.

New students: we are accepting students to join the Scripture Engagement track at AC2. In order to join the other tracks, applicants will need to meet the necessary course prerequisites.

Application information can be found here. If you have questions, please write to the Registrar.

What does iDELTA teach?

The iDELTA program was developed to meet the translation and language development training needs in Africa. We seek to provide the competencies needed for those seeking to work in language development or providing access to scripture. This is a bachelor level program, accredited by partner universities. Applicants for iDELTA must have completed secondary education or demonstrate equivalent qualifications and be proficient in English.

More detailed information can be found in this document:

For more information about the costs for iDELTA and what those costs cover, click here. We offer a non-residential option for residents of Uganda.

Please contact us with any questions.