Welcome to Anglophone iDELTA

We are moving to Entebbe, Uganda for the 3rd cohort. The General Training and Assessment Course (GTA) will begin in November 2019 and run for three (3) weeks.

The iDELTA Academic Courses (ACs) will begin in June 2020.

What is iDELTA?

iDELTA is the Institute for the Development of Languages and Translation in Africa. It provides undergraduate level education and practical training in the areas of Bible translation, Scripture engagement (including trauma healing and use of media), multi-lingual education and mother-tongue literacy, linguistics and linguistic survey. If you want to download a document with fuller information, you can download the one below.

What does iDELTA teach?

The i-DELTA program was developed to meet the translation and language development training needs in Africa. We seek to provide the competencies needed for those seeking to work in language development or providing access to scripture. This is a bachelor level program, accredited by partner organizations. Read more

For more information about the costs for iDELTA and what those costs cover, click here. We do offer a non-residential option for residents of Uganda.

How do I apply to iDELTA?

In order to apply for the GTA, you should complete this application online. For best results, put something in every box until everything is filled in. You can go back and edit it later, but your information may not be saved if you don’t complete the whole form.

If you need to download a copy, you can download it from the link below. If you have questions, you can write to the Registrar.