From Al Mitto (Sudan):

“As a result of iDELTA, I learned to read and think critically and to analyse situations and issues. This has made a huge difference in my ministry and my confidence. Many are coming to Christ as a result of my asking the right questions and causing others to think about their faith.”

Thomas Basaswaki (Uganda):

“Before iDELTA, I had no idea how to do Scripture Engagement. After I attended iDELTA, I knew what to do and we are moving ahead well now.”

Andrew Angupale (Uganda):

“Before iDELTA, I didn’t understand how my language worked. I followed the translation principles that I knew, but when my choices were questioned, I couldn’t explain why I had chosen it. After iDELTA, I know more about the linguistics of my language and I can explain why things should be said in a particular way. I’m more confident.”