Bible Translation

The Translation Track trains students to understand every step of a translation process, from initial exegesis of source materials to draft to publication or media production of the final translations. They learn to evaluate drafts of translated materials based on grammar, discourse and cultural differences between the source and target languages in order to produce materials that are natural, accurate, clear and acceptable.

The Bible Translation Track prepares students to work independently in their own or another language, or take up a role as a translation advisor/exegete for their own or other language. The courses give a solid foundation in relevant linguistic principles, understanding biblical culture, and translation theory.

The track is comprised of the following ten courses. Additional courses can be added to achieve a full bachelor’s degree.


  • Sociolinguistics
  • Bible Translation Basics 1
  • Biblical Cultures


  • Exegesis
  • Bible Translation Basics 2
  • Introduction to Grammar


  • Language Development and Language Programs
  • Translation Project
  • Discourse Analysis

Online course: Bible Translation and the Church