AIU BA Programmes


Africa International University (AIU) now has the i-DELTA Literacy courses in their curriculum. The i-DELTA courses are offered during AIU’s Interterm, June/July. There are two options: an Education degree (B.Ed.) or a Development Studies degree (BA). These are 4-year degrees. For more information about AIU and about the application process, go to AIU.

If you are interested in Literacy, Linguistics, Sociolinguistics or Anthropology, you should consider a degree under the School of Education, Arts and Social Sciences at Africa International University. Degrees may be done residentially or by e-learning, full-time or part-time. We are working with AIU so that they accredit the i-DELTA courses in linguistics, literacy, and assessment. To see more, click here.
We also have a former iDELTA student in the translation department at AIU, so it is possible to take their translation track together with iDELTA courses.

The full Bachelor of Education degree with iDELTA courses can be found in the links below. One is an Excel file with three tabs, the other is a pdf.

The full Bachelor of Development Studies curriculum can be obtained from the link below.