Scripture Engagement

The Scripture Engagement track prepares students to strengthen the use of the local language by integrating Scripture into the local arts and culture, daily life and practice. They will learn how to partner with local churches and community leaders to develop strategies for Scripture Use, contextualizing its meaning in culturally and theologically appropriate means including music, Bible storying, media, and audiovisual products. A module on trauma healing is included.

The Scripture Engagement track includes the following courses. All courses are taught at university-level and can be part of a bachelor’s degree.


  • Sociolinguistics
  • Bible Translation Basics 1
  • Biblical Cultures


  • Translating the Bible into Action
  • Community Studies
  • Orality and Storycrafting / Trauma Healing


  • Language Development and Language Programmes
  • Scripture Engagement Research
  • Modern Media

Distance course: Bible Translation and the Church