South African Theological Seminary offers 3-year Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.), a Master of Theology (M.Th.) and Doctoral degrees using an e-learning platform.

The iDELTA courses fulfill one year of study, leaving only two years of study to receive a B.Th. degree. Studies may be done full-time or part-time. These studies are appropriate for translators and scripture engagement personnel. Those applying through iDELTA will have a special fee structure. The requirements and APPLICATION are available here.

SATS offers four terms per year: 
Term 1    1 February – 30 April
Term 2    1 May – 31 July    
Term 3    1 August –  31 October
Term 4    1 November – 31 January

Compulsory courses

1.    THE1121   Christian Foundations
2.    PRA1122   Introduction to Children’s and Youth Ministry
3.   THE1120    Introduction to Theology
4.     BIB2123    The Historical Books
5.     BIB2125    Paul’s Letters
6.     THE2122   The Doctrine of Man and Sin
7.     MIS2124    Introduction to Missions
8.     THE2123   The Doctrine of Salvation

9.    BIB3128    Genesis
10.    BIB3129    Romans
11.    THE3123   Apologetics
12.    THE3124   Christian Ethics
13.    THE3125   Church HistoryOnce you have been accepted, you should register for courses using your mysats login  and sign up for the courses using your login information. If you have been through iDELTA, be sure NOT to sign up for the course equivalents listed here.

NOTE: ALL courses will now be charged an application fee regardless of the course they sign up for. This is a one-time charge.

Once you have chosen your course(s), you will receive an INVOICE for the course(s) chosen. You should submit that INVOICE to your SUPERVISOR.

SUPERVISORS should submit the invoice and payment information to the iDELTA Registrar. The payment information should include the following:

Account to charge:
Entity code:
Supervisor’s permission for the student to take this/these course/s.

Once the payment is made, the course(s) will be made available. Note that SIL is receiving a significant savings already, and so there will be no bulk discount advantage.

SATS is making arrangements for supervisors to have access to student accounts so they can track the status of a student easily.

These new procedures apply to ALL SATS students. The SIL Registrar will continue to process enrollment for Bible Translation and the Church and any future iDELTA Anglophone courses.
 If you have questions or problems, contact the Anglophone Registrar.