Mother-tongue-Based Literacy and Multilingual Education

The Mother-Tongue-Based Literacy and Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) track equips students to work with communities to establish literacy programs that enable children, youth and adults to read and write in multiple languages. After completing the track, students will be able to produce various, age or level-graded literacy materials, train mother-tongue-based [MTB] literacy teachers in monolingual or multilingual contexts in how to teach MTB literacy, develop and use MTB literacy materials, plan an MTB education program and evaluate the success of such a program.

In addition to courses literacy and language program planning, students will study relevant linguistic principles.

The courses for the MT-MLE Track are listed here. All courses are taught at the university-level and can be used as part of a bachelor’s degree.


  • Sociolinguistics
  • Literacy 1
  • Phonetics and Introduction to Phonology


  • Literacy 2
  • Introduction to Grammar
  • Phonology


  • Language Development and Language Programmes
  • Multi-lingual Education
  • Orthography Development