Masters Programme at SATS

After completing the 3-year BTh, a prospective MTh student should complete a BTh Honours degree. Information about this programme can be found here.

Starting 1st February 2020, the following changes are being made to the courses in the BTh Honours programme:

The following 3 courses are compulsory: GEN4121, RES4121 and RES4241. If you are already enrolled in the programme, this will not necessarily apply to you.
All courses, apart from RES4241 Research Project, will be 12 credits.
If you have already purchased 24-credit courses, please contact Jane to assist you in selecting alternate courses.

MTh with SATS

The SATS MTh is a research-based degree that is fully accredited and completely online. The degree takes the form of a substantial research project on a topic that is relevant to your life or ministry. You conduct the research under the guidance of a specialist supervisor. For more information, click here.