COVID couldn’t stop us

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, AC1 2021 for Anglophone iDELTA has gone ahead in Uganda. Some of the staff couldn’t get here, but Lweza has offered us a safe island in which to flourish. There is plenty of space for football, bike riding and walking.

For the first time, we tried a new way of offering courses. The Sociolinguistics course has run for the usual 8 weeks. However, Phonetics and Bible Translation Basics 1 were taught in the first 4 weeks, and Survey and Literacy 1 were taught in the second 4 weeks. Due to issues related to COVID, some staff were unable to come to Uganda, so the first 4 weeks of Sociolinguistics were taught via Zoom. The Literacy 1 class is being taught online for the same reason.

Since our arrival, Uganda has been in lockdown, so movement from one county to another is difficult. However, we have stayed in our little bubble and no students have been ill with COVID or anything else. Even malaria has not made an appearance.

With two weeks to go, everyone is tired and feels their heads won’t hold any more information. But we will persevere to the end and give thanks to God for his protection.

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