Each iDELTA cohort begins with a three-week session of General Training and Assessment (GTA). This course serves as an introduction to the iDELTA program and prepares students to succeed in rigorous university-level courses.

The GTA course is required before beginning Academic Course 1. Students may apply for an exemption from GTA by writing to the Registrar.

Why attend the GTA and how to apply

Many students have been out of school for a while, or have had limited access to higher education previously. GTA gives candidates an opportunity to practice their English language skills in an academic setting, and to see what university level teaching is like. If areas of weakness are identified, the candidate has time to work on those areas before the academic courses begin.

We also have candidates and staff who come from many different countries and cultures. Part of the GTA curriculum is to discover our own cultures and how they are similar and different to those of the others in the programme.

In order to apply for the GTA, please write to the Registrar.

What do you teach at GTA?

The overall goal of this course is to orient students to an academic culture and to develop academic skills in preparation for attending academic training courses in cross-cultural settings.

In particular, with this course we want to train students:

  • to gain an overview of what is involved in language development and translation programs
  • to learn some basic technical terminology related to language development and translation programs
  • to develop critical and independent thinking
  • i.e. to understand how to think through and solve problems
  • i.e. learn how to argue coherently and consistently

to develop academic skills:

  • in reading and writing
  • in research (both written sources and field methods)
  • in computing
  • in distance-learning

to gain communication skills (e.g. how to interact with instructors, how to ask for help)
to acquire confidence in participatory learning situations
to acquire some confidence and competence in working in multicultural environments
to acquire skills of how to work in teams

Furthermore, on the course we want the staff to gain an idea of each student’s abilities, especially

  • academic capabilities
  • linguistic capabilities
  • computer skills